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Paul Klein is an artist whose work is informed by a critical vision which questions and reformulates the power of visual imagery as it currently exists in the realms of the political, social, and cultural formations of everyday life. His critical vision aims at fostering complex thinking for a world that is often reduced to simplistic pronouncements in popular and social media. Klein’s projects exist at the junction of disciplines unencumbered by the norms of categorical practices and identities and so remain open to the possibilities of difference. 


Paul Klein proposes the portal as a collective for artists and designers across a wide range of media whose work principally includes a robust critical perspective on current political, social and cultural issues as presently imaged by centers of power.


In its consulting role, advises organizations, institutions, and individuals on how to promote strategies of criticality through self-representation, exhibition, and brand projection. Additional consulting projects include focusing an entity’s commitment to critical thought through curriculum, pedagogy, and program development. 

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